Mrs Kaye


Mrs Kaye is a tense kafkaesque thriller that explores the plight of a woman fighting seemingly unending levels of bureaucracy in the guise of a nameless man. As the film progresses, it becomes a darker reflection of society’s treatment of the individual and the rise of regressive officialdom in the face of technological innovations and advances. In Mrs Kaye, the Ryder brothers explore the story of a woman who is trying to resolve an issue with some paperwork that becomes more and more ominous. Initially feeling she is making progress with the man in the office, each time she goes to see his supervisor she walks into the same office to encounter the disturbing sight of the same man. As she moves further and further away from reality, and apparently further back in time, it becomes clear that this problem may be a nightmare from which she can never escape


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Ben Ryder