Well of Water


In september, most of Slovenia was affected by heavy floodings due to lots of rain and brutal weather conditions. Lots of people’s houses were damaged and some even lost their homes. During last couple of years, floodings repeat almost every year and represent natural disaster for our little country. It take people to repair their homes whole year, when the same thing repeats. Even our local river Hubelj rose to the unimaginable size during this time of year and sometimes it is also a to the locals who have their homes right along the river channel. This whole situation got me thinking about power of nature and what nature is trying to communicate with catastrophes like this. I decided to make a little video of our local river Hubelj (which is by the way beutiful and worth a visit – especially its source) and raise a question or two about responsibility we should all be aware of when going to nature and behave properly and live in harmony with it. Especially with water, since it is the most important source of our lives : “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Leonardo Da Vinci



Directed by:

Aljaz Kete