Logline: Disenchanted with the inane online persona that made him famous, YouTuber Teddy2K attempts to reinvent himself as a more serious performer. It does not go well. Brief Synopsis: TEDDY2K is a short comedy drama about a disenchanted YouTube celebrity. Once the darling of the online community with millions of views for each video he posted, balding Teddy now simmers with resentment and self-doubt. He has grown up while his audience has not and he faces a choice: continue to create mindless (though hugely lucrative) video blogs, or follow his supposed integrity and create art of more worth. What exactly that “worth” constitutes he hasn’t quite figured out yet, but hopefully it doesn’t involve inane memes and farmyard animal noises. Written and directed by Ed Cripps (Episodes, Fresh Meat) and William Hitchins (Have I Got News For You, Russell Howard’s Good News), TEDDY2K is an ingenious, melancholy comedy about modern ambitions that stars some of the most acclaimed young comics in the UK, including David Elms (SWAG – Best Foreign Short at the LA Indie Film Festival) and Liam Williams (double Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee). In the words of Teddy himself, don’t be a stranger!


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Ed Cripps, William Hitchins