In a near future where all antibiotics have failed, Tom and his young daughter, Amy, are quarantined in their home during a lethal pandemic. CATCH is about the love between a father and his daughter, and the lengths he will go to, to try to protect her. CATCH is not just another post-apocalyptic sci-fi film. The situation depicted in the film is happening NOW. In hospital wards around the world, Tom and Amy’s story is playing out, as doctors find that the antibiotics they rely upon are becoming ineffective. The truth is, if the misuse of antibiotics continues down its current path, CATCH’s story could find a new setting: Your home. Written with the guidance of several leading scientists in the field of antibiotic resistance, CATCH takes a very real, but still emotionally remote, global health crisis, and uses it as the backdrop to an emotive family drama. The film was written and directed by science factual television directors Paul Cooke and Dominic Rees-Roberts. Both are recent participants of The Wellcome Trust’s Emerging Talent programme for science communicators. CATCH was funded thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, which established a global community of backers.


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Paul Cooke, Dominic Rees-Roberts