Golden Boys


Scott, Dylan and Carter, three longtime friends on an unexpected bender, end up back at their old private school looking to cause trouble. After breaking in, they immediately revert to being teenage boys – racing wheelie chairs, spiking the faculty coffee urn, and drunkenly photocopying their asses. The night begins to sour for Scott, though, when he is reminded of the fervent and confusing friendship he once had with Dylan. Haunted by the physical chemistry that was once between them, Scott recalls a time when they seemed right on the brink of the romance he dreamed of. But, in the high stakes, Dead Poets Society world of his past, neither he, nor Dylan could bring themselves to fully explore their feelings. In the unforgiving light of those regrets, Scott grapples with the sombre events that have brought him and his friends back together, and comes face to face with the true consequences of having been the school’s Golden Boys.



Directed by:

Jill Riley