Call Me Alvy


When Bar Mitzvah boy Brian Silver becomes obsessed with Woody Allen, his mother Judith goes to great lengths to make sure the big day goes smoothly. *I am taking the unprecedented step of doing a note here specifically about the #MeToo movement in relation to my project because I am aware that Woody Allen has been a hot topic in recent times and my project references him directly. I have no opinion on the allegations facing Woody Allen that I think is relevant to my work; certainly not this short film. I would just like any film festivals considering programming the film to know categorically that it was a true labour of love for me and I do not believe for one moment that programming the film is tantamount to showing any kind of endorsement about the real life person Woody Allen in one way or another. I am a big fan of Woody Allen`s work across his films, stand up comedy and comedic writings and they have influenced me to some degree along with many other artists; that is all. I have no connection to Woody Allen the person and do not express ANY support for him with regards the allegations / #MeToo movement. I ask that if you enjoy Call Me Alvy you will programme it for audiences at your festival to see my work, free of any prejudices that might exist towards Woody Allen or those who are rightly being brought to justice as part of the #MeToo movement in the industry (and wider world). Many thanks for reading this note, and for considering my film. ALEXEI SLATER


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Alexei Slater