A Bit of This & A Bit of That


Hidden away amongst the backstreets of Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter lies This & That, a small Indian café owned by Ismail Mallu, a first-generation Indian migrant who came to the UK in 1966 during the peak years of migration from the subcontinent. Through his culinary artistry, Ismail has been able to enrich the culture of Manchester to the point where the ‘rice and three’ dish has effectively become a staple of the city. He continues to perpetuate his Indian roots, but has been openly embraced as an exemplary figure in Mancunian society. Within the spatial confines of the restaurant, you can find visitors that hail from a wide variety of different races, religions, genders and ages, but they all come together to break bread (or naan!) and share the delicious food on offer. Ismail holds a dual identity; he is partly Indian and partly Mancunian, a bit of this and a bit of that.


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Jake Gill, Elizabeth Ratcliffe, Liam Steers, Alexander Deniston