Bearpark – Glen’s Story


Glen had a difficult start in life. Growing up with very few positive role models, he fell in with a bad crowd and quickly turned to a life of drugs and crime. Glen spent the first few adult years of his life in prison. Reaching rock bottom, Glen realised that to make a change he needed to start getting more people into his life. Glen stumbled on Bearpark Gym and was introduced to Gary, who in turn introduced him to boxing. Craving discipline and direction, boxing turned out to be the exact focus that Glen was looking for. Before long, Glen was referred to Paul and the Unity Gym to prepare for his first Ultra White Collar Boxing event. Since then Glen has become more serious about boxing and has had several more fights. He very much sees Paul as his mentor. Now clean from drugs, Glen is training to become a professional plumber, and has truly turned his life around. Without boxing, and the help of Paul, Gary and others like them, Glen may never have been able to start his recovery.


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Will Stewart