All Ben has ever hoped for is comfort and nurture. With his parents, Anna and John, too occupied with their failing marriage and dissatisfied life, Ben’s childhood has been lonely and from the neglect he created Fluffy – his monster best friend. Like a lot of children an imaginary friend is a source of companionship, and for Ben, Fluffy is his only friend and protection from the disturbances in the house. However, as his parent’s marriage cripples under the stress of their life, Ben’s mother finally decides to leave and with it the last chance of ever being a family. Ben and Fluffy are left alone in the house with the mournful and unpredictable John, and as the tension grows so does his alcoholism. One-night Ben dares to sneak some food from the kitchen and is caught by his Father. He blames Ben for his marriage falling apart and lunges towards him. Fluffy, instinctively appears and attacks John – killing him. The two, covered in blood and with only a school rucksack of belongings, escape into the night leaving the house and John’s corpse behind.


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Tahkeishon Smith