Apology of Aphrodite


This experimental poetry film is a multi-image narrative combining video, dance, costume and poetry to construct a kind of conversation between the gods about desire and morality. A common question is present in all our lives, how do we overcome this conflict between desire and morality. This natural human state brings us together, through similar struggles. What do we compromise to get what we would like, yet how can we do this without hurting others or in fact ourselves. Navigating this route carefully through our lives, so that we are happy and fulfilled while avoiding self-destruction. To explore this urgent question the film is reconstructed from ancient Greek mythology in which Apollo, the god of the sun, discovers Aphrodite’s affair with Ares and tells Aphrodite’s husband, Hephaestus, who creates a net to capture them for the judgment of the gods, in which Hermes helps Aphrodite to intercede and show her love. Through the re-appropriation of ancient mythology, we can see that these same conflicts have been common within humankind for millennia.


United Kingdom

Directed by:

Tianchenglong Yao