Badger x extnddntwrk: Executive Outcome (Remix)


“Executive Outcome” is the lead track from Badger’s latest EP, “Democracy Manifest”, and thanks to the kind support of extnddntwrk (Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods) this extraordinary remix was born!

Filmed at a local pub (The Museum Vaults, Sunderland) we set dressed the scene as if it was a largely unattended wake to emphasise the chasm between both sides of this artificially generated battle; the “mad conspiracy theorist” pitted against the clueless drone ignoring or perhaps not even caring about what is in front of him. This sadly, is democracy manifest…perhaps we should all just get a succulent Chinese meal together and try to break bread?




United Kingdom

Directed by:

John Lee Taggart


Simeon Soden, Chris Maltby


John Lee Taggart

Key Cast: