Holly Rees: Careless


Careless is a song about words, communication, (mis)understanding & respect, exploring the way we to talk to/about each and the power that holds. Careless uses wordplay and irony to explore communication on an interpersonal level and in a broader political sense. It’s about the importance of listening, and (crucially) understanding and thinking about your response in relation to the impact you intend your words to have. It’s about considering how the tools we use to relate to each other aren’t limited to language and how tone, expression, actions and context can drastically change the way a phrase or statement is perceived.

The official music video for Careless was produced by Gadabout Films and Holly Rees, directed by Zoë Murtagh and was fully funded by our brilliant supporters through a crowdfunding campaign.




United Kingdom

Directed by:

Zoë Murtagh



Ryan Peebles, Holly Rees

Key Cast:

William Grint, Tia Bella Easton