On Grief, In Memory Of


On Grief, In Memory Of explores expectations of ‘grief’ by investigating the slow deterioration of a relationship between an alcoholic mother and her daughter. The film’s narrator, Lauren, describes growing anger and resentment towards her mother for prioritising alcohol and a new relationship over her. When Lauren watches her mother die, she feels nothing. She waits to feel the big emotions portrayed in films and described in books and songs, the emotions shown by people who loved and missed her mum, but they fail to surface. Lauren is left feeling alienated and inhuman. After looking through her family’s photo archive two-and-a-half years after her mother’s death, Lauren learns that her anger and resentment caused her to repress happy childhood memories. She comes to the realisation that she’d already mourned the death of the mother she once had and couldn’t grieve a woman she didn’t recognise. On Grief, In Memory Of offers an alternative perspective on ‘grief’ for those who’ve lost a loved one and felt nothing.




United Kingdom

Directed by:

Lauren Ihanor Omokheoa


Lauren Ihanor Omokheoa


Lauren Ihanor Omokheoa

Key Cast: