The festival runs across four days with 12 individual screenings highlighting a number of unique short films. Each screening will take place at the Empire Cinema on Lambton Street in Sunderland City Centre.

A raw conversation involving three siblings who discuss the recent loss of their parents.

Director: Charlene Jones
After the sudden death of her adventure-loving spouse, Julia decides it’s time for a fresh start abroad. Guided by an old climbing friend of her husband, she plucks up the courage to bid goodbye to her former life by doing one last thing – pushing herself to climb his favourite mountain for the first and only time.

Director: Lynne Davison
A new craze is taking over the estates of London. With fights, street deals and territorial warfare growing ever dangerous, it won’t be long until it’s out of control. ‘Crack’ follows Jay and his gang, B.H.S. (Brixton Hit Squad), in an exposé of this troubling social epidemic.

Director: Peter King
A short surreal stop motion animation about a boy who, in a moment of confusion, irons his head flat.

Director: Lesley-anne Rose
Yandass just wants to dance. So when something gets in the way, she is plunged into a scary world where her passion takes over. This is a film about those passions that burn so intensely, they’ll always find a way, no matter what. yandass.mov is a collaboration between Yandass Ndlovu (dancer), Sam Jones (director) and Underworld (composer).

Director: Sam Jones
The Book of Blood is a gothic comedy set in an old bookshop concerning the acquisition of a rare manuscript of great portent; as a grizzled traveller, seeks a deep dark secret amongst the shelves of an old bookstore; only to discover some secrets are buried for a reason.

Director: Dominic Stevens
Apple and Snakes poetry film competition. Shortlisted 2015 and Winner of Best First Poetry Film & Audience vote. Poem by Lauren Vevers, Visuals by Mani Kambo.

Director: Mani Kambo & Lauren Vevers
Tonight feels like any other in the mundane life of this office worker. He watches the same show, eats the same food and just waits for it to end. But tonight is different. A blackout deep in the night awakens a mysterious room. Inside could be the secret to his wildest dreams, or worst nightmares.

Director: Yoni Weinberg
Peckish, but not sure what to have for lunch? Not sure whether to grab a snack, or have a full meal? Our host can help you decide!

Director: Rhona Foster
Moments is a poem written and performed by Nadia Emam that asks us to put down our smartphones and pay attention to the parts of the world that really matter.

Director: Nadia Emam
A comedy that examines how much a kiss can say.

Director: Charlie Swinbourne
Françoise is a company director. She is under the perverse psychological influence of her superior. But is it real or is it a hallucination caused by her anguish?

Director: Philippe ORREINDY
In the immediate aftermath of becoming the first man in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin waits for rescue on a farm in Kazakhstan and looks back at the moments that have defined him, as well as the moments which lie ahead.

Director: Callum Costello
In a house not far from Athens there is an isolated family with an unusual lifestyle. Katerina and Yannis is a young couple who live in Yannis’ family home with his mother Ariadne. They both try a lot to comply with Ariadne’s anachronistic rules but this is quite hard. Giannis and Katerina face a crisis in their relationship due to Ariadne's rules. They seek a solution to change their lives for the better, but their secret plan to send Ariadne to an elderly care home is revealed too early.

Director: Konstantinos Gerakis
A bereaved teenager’s plan to finish fixing his father’s car is upended when he has to babysit his young neighbour to pay for parts.

Director: Jordan McAfee-Hahn
A forever single philematology postgrad has never been kissed. Before handing in his thesis on kissing, he hires an escort to put theory into practice, but that's the one thing she won’t do.

Director: Gisela Nadasy
Mary (Kate Donnelly) sees her husband Jim (Lenny Mullen) in a hospital bed breathing with an oxygen mask. Through several flashbacks we see Mary's life full of turmoil, from enduring years of physical and mental abuse from her childhood to adulthood. Jim removes his oxygen mask and the room begins to radiate with white light and he sees Mary in her red dress from all those years ago. Suddenly the illusion is shattered as Mary leaves.

Director: AJ Sykes
Friday night, a teenage boy is chilling home alone, scrolling through his social media. A killer is on the loose. Will he survive?

Director: Sotiris Petridis
In the near future, a lonely scientist attempts to rebuild his disjointed family, who are torn apart by loss.

Director: Brad Sampson
A young woman, Kira, wakes in an abandoned wasteland, severely injured, with absolutely no recollection of how she got there. As she struggles to stay alive, strange events begin to unfold that lead her to confront a terrifying possibility.

Director: Adam Spinks
A woman awakes after being drugged to find herself tied up in a dingy, decrepit room, with a psychopath for company. Locating her belongings, she attempts to reach the outside world, but instead, it reaches out to her.

Director: Lee Charlish
Jane suffers from haphephobia (the pathological fear of touch), tormented by years of loneliness and isolation she orders a synthetic love doll online to nightmarish consequences.

Director: Niall Shukla
Old Beginnings is a post-modern, tragic romance about a young couple trying to rid themselves of the past using an unorthodox and bizarre ritual as they rekindle their love. Starring Hannah Arterton and Lewis Reeves, with a soundtrack featuring Atoms for Peace, Bloc Party and M83, and an original score by Leo Abrahams.

Director: Suni Khan
A young man wakes up in a decrepit farm with no idea where he is or why he is there. Confronted with an unknown threat from a shadowy figure, he runs for his life and discovers a terrible truth. The Farm was made while the Producer was completing her Master's Degree at Newcastle University.

Director: Simon Ramshaw
Two blood splattered little old ladies skulking through the bush, a real-life supermodel, and tapioca pudding collide.

Director: Peter Spann