The festival runs across four days with 12 individual screenings highlighting a number of unique short films. Each screening will take place at the Empire Cinema on Lambton Street in Sunderland City Centre.

Filmmaker Saffron - Follows the life of 3 teenagers finding their true identity, the film talks about gender equality.

Director: Saffron Mee
In a dystopian near-future where urban society is controlled through addiction to sugar, a group of outlaws find their peaceful lives threatened by the spread of corruption.

Director: Sarah Maxwell
A fast-paced and dynamic documentary focusing on a group of free runners in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Director: Laura Moscrop
Six students from the University of Sunderland were selected to be a part of a new film making short course designed and led by celebrated film producer Lord David Puttnam. The students were set their brief: to produce a short film looking at Britain today in response to Humphrey Jennings 1944 socially conscious documentary 'Listen to Britain'.

Director: Kyle Chisholm
Who loves the sun? Not everyone! A short comedy created by and starring the young people from Custom Reels: Filmmaking at The Customs House with support from Wycombe 89 Media. Shot on location in South Shields, UK. Premièred at The North East Young Filmmaker Awards 2018 at The Takeover Festival, this short shows how two co-workers react very differently to the summer weather... A film by - Hassan Bhatti, Hannah Rollins, Connor Glendenning, Angus Elliott & Chris J. Allan

Director: Hassan Bhatti
In 1978, a young girl finds a mysterious object in her garden, and getting rid of it is easier said than done.

Director: Lucy Smurthwaite
A band of warriors cross a desolate land evading a terrible enemy known only as "The Shadow" and desperately attempting to survive the harsh wilderness.

Director: Joseph Palmer
Falling is a one minute short about male mental health. I often describe pessimism as easy as falling and breaking out of that as difficult as climbing. It requires work and is difficult. So this short is my personal perspective on the matter.

Director: Prasanna Sellathurai
Depression is frowned upon in most societies however it is a great source of shame in an Arabic culture. Manard, a young Jordanian woman breaks the taboo and talks freely about her experience.

Director: Hiba Nabulsi
Christopher Price is a brilliant pianist who has many fans, except during his latest concert when he loses the control of his left hand (who prefers to be known as Vincent Lee). Vincent wants the fame and glory for himself and will do whatever is necessary to steal the limelight, even if it means separating himself from the dead weight.

Director: Georgina Crebbin
Majed, a 20-year-old guy, discovers that his recently deceased mother used to be a belly dancer. Torn between his relationship with his now-silent father, and Hanine, the woman who will help him overcome his grief, Majed takes a trip down memory lane into the mysterious past of his mother…

Director: Georges Hazim
Lu Qi, who lived with her father and grandmother, and Xiao Wen, who always escaped from her home, under the shadow of the adult world, each ushered in the grievous growth and destruction in a cruel way.

Director: Guochen Duan
Yawth is a story about the social media generation. On a typical Friday night Vicky wants to reach the party her crush is going, but the night does not go as planned.

Director: Dimitris Tsakaleas
A young boy seeks the help of an ancient fairytale creature to save his dying mother.

Director: Aladdin Alisic
Marking 20 years since her death; author, Catherine Cookson returns in her youth to explore her hometown of South Tyneside, England and reflects on her life and experiences in which she channelled into her writing; culminating in her becoming one of the most beloved novelist's of the 20th Century.

Director: Jon Burton
Ingrid and her son Ross welcome Syrian refugee Ahmed into their home in the quiet English countryside and find a way to resist the uncertainty and fear we all face.

Director: Ruth Grimberg
Sebastién is a gay acrobat living for the thrill of the circus. Now the oldest acrobat in the troupe, he fears each show could be his last, as an uncertain future awaits. This beautifully languid documentary catches the final leap of a long, idyllic youth.

Director: Jay Bedwani
How do you love in isolation? And live in absence? A woman and her daughter strive to answer these questions after a loved one is suddenly removed from their lives.

Director: Phoebe Cottam
Glen had a difficult start in life. Growing up with very few positive role models, he fell in with a bad crowd and quickly turned to a life of drugs and crime. Reaching rock bottom, Glen realised that to make a change he needed to start getting more people into his life. Craving discipline and direction, boxing turned out to be the exact focus that Glen was looking for. Before long, Glen was referred to Paul and the Unity Gym to prepare for his first Ultra White Collar Boxing event.

Director: Will Stewart
A short documentary following the last 5 hours of a deprived 59-years-old man, Ahmed before becoming homeless due to the late payments and bureaucracy by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Director: Stephan Pierre Mitchell
Although Alexis has a life-threatening disease, she provides palliative care for animals. Crannog follows Alexis as she tirelessly tries to nurse a neglected sheep back to health. A quiet reflection on kindness in the face of death, the film intimately explores the fragility and strength that comes from dedicating your life to the care of others.

Director: Isa Rao
With an ambitious sculpture and performance project in Brooklyn, New York, artist Doreen Garner unflinchingly forces audiences to face the profound racism underlying the life and work of Dr J. Marion Sims, long considered the “father of modern gynaecology." For her performance “Purge,” Garner recreates the monument to Sims that stands in Central Park, casting a silicone replica of the statue. With a group of Black female performers, she then enacts the very gynaecological surgery that Sims became famous for—repair of the vesicovaginal fistula—upon this silicone body. “I’m operating in a really weird place,” explains Garner. “I’m a Black woman horrified by these actions, and yet I have to show all these actions so that it’s not a situation where people are able to overlook this information anymore.”

Director: Brian Redondo