The festival runs across four days with 12 individual screenings highlighting a number of unique short films. Each screening will take place at the Empire Cinema on Lambton Street in Sunderland City Centre.

On a suburban street, a battle of wills unfolds between a man, a postwoman and an elderly lady. The man must make a stand to reclaim his letterbox. 'Dear Eduardo' is a short comedy-drama about a man on the edge … and a LOT of letters!

Director: Joseph Teague
Magic-realist teen drama: Strange and lonely 15-year-old MOLLY begins baptising crowds of children in the local river. OWEN's teenage gang go to bully her but he can't admit he really fancies her. He must choose to side with his friends or protect the girl he loves.

Director: Andrew Simpson
Sam doesn't get a lot of time to himself in Bedsville Asylum. When tasked with cleaning the assembly hall for the annual disco, he takes the opportunity to dance like nobody is watching.

Director: Richard Scott & Robert Carr
A psychological thriller set in World War II, exploring the feelings that one man experiences when he begins to evaluate the trappings of war, death and killing.

Director: Paul Anderson
Focusing on the graffiti scene in the North East of England this short documentary focuses on graffiti writers to find out why they do what they do and discuss the legalities of graffiti writing.

Director: Robert Kilburn
Emma goes on a hike to try and get some fresh air and much-needed isolation. Although she attempts to ignore invasive memories from her past, she finds herself forced to face the truth about her murky childhood. She must learn that there is no easy escape and that her past may well haunt her for the rest of her life. The film explores mental health and how it can have long-term effects - a hand to hold isn't always the magic solution to psychological illness.

Director: Lucy Rose Wilson-Green
This film follows the story of Ninian Lowis, a safari guide who has spent much of his life amongst the wilderness of Africa - surrounded by rich savannah, mountains, forests, deserts and the extraordinary creatures that reside within these very landscapes. The story revolves around his reflections of how nature helped overcome a sense of purposelessness during his youth, and how he came to realize that a sense of solitude and deep exposure to wild environments had the ability to awaken his senses.

Director: Goh Iromoto
Dragtivists is a short documentary about the intersection of activism and drag performance.

Director: Savannah Rodgers
Two friends reflect on their twenty-year friendship after an accident leaves one of them with a life-changing brain injury.

Director: Ciaran Pasi
98 is an affectionate and poignant portrait of Eleni, an elderly woman living alone in her apartment in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. As Eleni reminisces about the old days in the village while struggling to perform everyday tasks, this short film expresses the fine line between solitude and the loneliness of ageing.

Director: Evripidis Karydis
Jodie lives and breathes motorcycling. But the road to reaching the top is paved with difficulties if it wasn't for her dad's unwavering support.

Director: Alex Harron
In 1988, the last shipyard in Sunderland closes, ending 600 years of tradition. Thirty years later, amidst the biggest regeneration project in its history, has the city recovered and is there a future on the Wear? A reflection on history and hope as told by the shipbuilders themselves.

Director: Daniel Appleby
Hidden away amongst the backstreets of Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter lies This & That, a small Indian café owned by Ismail Mallu, a first-generation Indian migrant. Through his culinary artistry, Ismail has been able to enrich the culture of Manchester to the point where the ‘rice and three’ dish has effectively become a staple of the city. He continues to perpetuate his Indian roots but has been openly embraced as an exemplary figure in Mancunian society. Within the spatial confines of the restaurant, you can find visitors that hail from a wide variety of different races, religions, genders and ages, but they all come together to break bread (or naan!) and share the delicious food on offer. Ismail holds a dual identity; he is partly Indian and partly Mancunian, a bit of this and a bit of that.

Director: Jake Gill
Kaya Mar is a man who is worried about the darkness the world is in. He has made it his life's mission as a to poke fun at global leaders and politicians through his satirical paintings. He takes his work to the streets to protest against “despots” and “wrong-doers” on behalf of the people. "Mirror Images: follows Kaya as he satirises figures such as Donald Trump and Britain’s Royal Family. It explores the philosophy of how satire can get serious messages to the masses.

Director: Neil Hall
William, a man in his 70's is taken on a timeless journey to a remote Scottish Island to come to terms with his own mortality. Starring Caitlin Blackwood (Dr Who) & Frazer Hines (Dr Who, Emmerdale & Outlander).

Director: Ryan Hendrick
Two middle-aged women on a tennis court. One experienced, the other one not so much. One hour match. The psychological game starts. How to respond to that? Keeping your calm? There are moments when exhaling deeply does not fix things. The Match is a film about indirect and direct aggression and how to finally express suppressed feelings.

Director: Pia Andell
"Strange Cities Are Familiar" is an exploration of guilt and alienation. Ashraf has been a political refugee in London for 30 years, content with spending his days in his study or his local social club. One day he receives a call from his friend, telling Ashraf that his son Moataz has been fatally wounded in a protest. His friend pleads with Ashraf to return home. As Ashraf struggles to return to Palestine, he recollects moments from his past - memories that are a heavy burden and a reminder of his failures and mistakes. The film is dedicated to assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Director: Saeed Taji Farouky
A weary postman trudges through the February snow, delivering brightly coloured envelopes decorated with hearts and cupids – making deliveries to all but one door.

Director: Robert Hackett
Elsewhere is about a young woman questioning the path she is on, and a man trying to reclaim the family he threw away.
A beef farmer battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. He knows he must make a change.

Director: Alex Lockwood
I'm ok
Inspired by the life and art of artist Oskar Kokoschka, I’m OK explores the wounds of heartbreak and trauma.

Director: Elizabeth Hobbs
An enduring love story of one man’s time in London.

Director: Angela Clarke
An existential journey to a West Texan town.

Directors: Greg McLeod & Myles McLeod
A kind and caring nurse, Clare, is opening the door to her new job, but maybe some doors are best left shut...

Director: Paul Taylor
Between the cornstalks of Shahzadpur — in the realm of the senses.

Director: Sandhya Suri
When three teenage friends meet a charismatic stranger, their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences.

Director: Jonathan Hodgson
Can you make a fresh start in a world this rotten?

Director: Barnaby Blackburn

Filmmaker Awards follow the final screening of the day at approximately 10pm.