The festival runs across four days with 12 individual screenings highlighting a number of unique short films. Each screening will take place at the Empire Cinema on Lambton Street in Sunderland City Centre.

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Director: Yanling Xu
A filmmaker from Scotland tries to understand what it means to be between two cultures by spending time with the women in her Algerian family.

Director: Carina Haouchine
Leah finds out she is pregnant at just 16 years old. Her parents are shocked but react in different ways. Leah and her boyfriend Kyle want to keep the baby. Leah's mother is supportive of this but Leah's Dad tries to encourage her to have a termination. Leah is annoyed that he tries to push her down a route that she does not want. As the pregnancy goes on, Leah suffers a miscarriage and is left devastated. Her father feels sorry for not supporting her and sees the pain in his daughter's eyes. He tries to offer support ... but in the eyes of Leah, it is too little, too late.

Director: Sally Paterson
A Muay-Thai fighter has to overcome mental health issues and personal loss to prove to everyone and himself, that he is not defined by his past.

Director: Mark James Birch
Amble is a small coastal town in Northumberland hit by the decline in traditional industry in the late 20th century. Through changing the town's main export to tourism, Amble attempts to find it's feet in 21st century Britain but not without the community feeling its effects.

Director: Andrew Oliver
Think of the Worst takes a peek at Guy’s everyday struggle with his mysterious ability. Whenever he wishes for good things to happen, the opposite of them happens. His weird habits to keep his ability under control leads to misunderstandings from people around him, and his ordered life is thrown into chaos.

Director: Chorong Kim
This poetic documentary tells the story of the Moon Sisters, a group of young women who practice witchcraft by firelight. Together, they find strength in the energy that circulates among them and the mysticism that unites them. Chanting, singing and dancing, the power of this evocative film lies in its presentation of connected femininity.

Director: Aleksandra Wawryszuk
This documentary is about the Byker Community centre. This centre was built in 1928. During the Great Depression, it helped a lot for the local people. Nowadays we have a lot of other problems such as food wasting, poverty, isolation. This centre fights with all of that. Also, invites all people, despite their disabilities, social groups, age, gender and provides help and activities. This place is really magical and hospitable.

Director: Justina Mitkute
The Exam Board is a comedy short that introduces you to the people who write those annoying textbook questions in British exam papers. You remember the ones. About people like Sally taking trains to places like Huddersfield. But it’s 2018 and things are changing. Backstage at the exam board, watch political correctness gone mad, right in front of your eyes.

Director: Akaash Meeda
For a week in 2018 a crew of young filmmakers followed one of the most unappreciated groups of council workers: Revenant Relocation Officers. Join them and get a glimpse of the daily grind of ghost hunting as they deal with a host of restless spirits, rude poltergeists, unflattering overalls, and worst of all... budget cuts.

Director: Robert Duncan
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Director: Lewis Dodds
A single mother's search for Mr Right is hindered by her sweet, evil daughter

Director: Gavin Randall
Pavel learns English on audio cassettes every day when he gets up. Today it is his 78th session. But has he really made progress?

Director: Bridget O'Driscoll
Christopher Price is a brilliant pianist who has many fans, except during his latest concert when he loses the control of his left hand (who prefers to be known as Vincent Lee). Vincent wants the fame and glory for himself and will do whatever is necessary to steal the limelight, even if it means separating himself from the dead weight.

Director: Sinead Stoddart
When Ben’s mum passes away he finds out it's not too late for them to take one last trip. The only problem is, Ben’s older sister Sam isn't in on the plan. A short comedy film about family, death and the ridiculous things that we do for the people we love. This short film is based on a true story and the film was supported by 7 times Oscar-nominated writer and director Mike Leigh (he's even in the crowdfunding video).

Director: Benjamin Bee
A hopeless romantic discovers an unlikely intruder and finds love at first fight. 🐭💍 Suspense... Romance... Puppets!

Directors: Justin & Kristin Schaack
'Enduring' is the story of how nature remains without us ever knowing about it. No matter what we build, create and need, the earth remains under us and, no matter how hard the fight, always finds its way towards the light.

Director: James Craggs
Through the interspecies gaze, we observe one of the most ancient and highly honoured dog breeds, the Saluki. Guiding us in love, preparing us in death and transforming us in life.

Director: Dianne Lucille Campbell
This is Lara. She measures 1,70m, her feet are too long for her body. That's why she's always stumbling.

Director: Joana Caiano
Through conversations with loved ones, a young Turkish artist confronts her fears regarding her country’s future and the dilemma of staying or leaving home behind.

Director: Léa Luiz de Oliveira
Truth hides in the margins and the artist’s role is to point to it. The question of what happens after we die is a universal question explored by paranormal researcher and experimental composer Michael Esposito. He straddles the line between spiritual and material and asks the audience to reflect on our purpose, legacy and what our actions say about who we are.

Director: Shayna Connelly
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Director: Myriam Rey
Celebrated artist Barbara Kruger uses the visual language of advertising to critique the very messages her artwork emulates. Her work asks viewers to closely consider how global issues like consumerism and gender discrimination play a powerful role in their daily lives. “Something to really think about is what makes us who we are in the world that we live in,” says the artist. Featuring Untitled (Skate), a Performa commission for the Performa 17 Biennial installed at the Coleman Square Playground in New York City; works from the artist’s multiple solo exhibitions at Mary Boone Gallery; and FOREVER, a 2017 site-specific exhibition at Sprüth Magers Berlin, amongst others.

Director: Ian Forster
Locked in an austere country house, headstrong and spirited Alice yearns for the freedom of the forest. But as Alice discovers the power of seduction, it is more than just her desire that is awakened. Based on Noel Coward's irreverent poem Alice Is At It Again, this short film adaptation features rising star Sarah Snook (Black Mirror, Glass Castle, Succession)

Director: Laura Scrivano